Sheila Paige
  The Keyboard Wellness Seminar Piano • Organ • Computer
2007 DVD Descriptions  
(Lectures by Sheila Paige unless otherwise noted)
How Motion Affects Sound
learn how different hand, arm and finger movements change tone, color and phrasing. Let your body work with your musicianship, not against it.
How the organization of music can eliminate numerous technical and musical issues. An in-depth discussion of the principles involved using numerous musical examples from the standard repertoire.
Emancipation from Notation
Dorothy Taubman’s phrase for being literally tied to the notation on the page is “Enslavement to Notation.” We like to be more positive and call it emancipation. The markings on the page are indications of how the music should sound. They do not necessarily tell the performer how to do it. Learning different techniques and movements of creating sound and legato can free you from the impossible stretches and pulling that seem to be called for in the music. An in-depth discussion of the principles involved using numerous musical examples from the standard repertoire is included.
Interdependence of hands
Pianists need interdependence, or integration of hands in order for their hands to feel truly independent. Learn the importance of solving problems hands alone first but why that isn’t enough. How the brain conceives of playing both hands is an important part of integrating the hands. This lecture will give you tools for your own playing and teaching.
Understanding Dystonia
Focal dystonia is a serious condition whose causes are still debated in the medical world. Ms Paige has worked with many pianists with dystonia, many of whom are now concertizing and recording again. This lecture includes symptoms, probable causes and ways of working with dystonia in order to recover function.
Piano Wellness for Students: A Parent’s Guide
A short video to help parents know what to look for in their children’s education at the piano. Topics covered include: the importance of an acoustic piano, how to choose a piano, importance of bench height and foot rests, judging musicianship skills (including knowing the keyboard, note reading and rhythm skills, copying teacher or just reading the finger numbers), basic body posture and alignment. An invaluable aid to teachers to introduce parents to lessons.